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Bereavement Ontario Network
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Woodstock, ON N4S 6B1
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Bereavement Ontario Network is a diverse group of organizations and individuals throughout the province that work in the field of grief, bereavement, and mourning as professionals and volunteers.
The need for a network was first discussed in 1989 at a bereavement conference in Hamilton. The ideas, enthusiasm and energy generated during that conference led to a meeting a year later at which a blueprint for the Bereavement Ontario Network was developed. It does no grief counselling or provide any direct service. Instead, it fills a distinct void by providing linkages between the various groups, counsellors, and bereavement resources already in place.
Today, the Bereavement Ontario Network provides an opportunity to access, in a reciprocal manner, the knowledge, experience, wisdom and sensitivity of other members throughout the province. You can use BON to access this support for your clients, and yourself, from across the province.
Membership in the Bereavement Ontario Network is open to individuals, volunteer organizations, small businesses, and corporations. If your work brings you in contact with the bereaved, BON can help you help them.
BON offers an annual conference, a directory of members, a newsletter, a website, and the services of volunteer Regional Representatives. These Regional Representatives reflect all areas of the province and are available to answer questions about the organization, its resources and how it can assist you.


  • To encourage information sharing and networking among individuals and organizations who come in touch with grief, bereavement and mourning.
  • To increase public awareness of issues of death, dying, and bereavement issues.
  • To identify service gaps on a regional basis and encourage service provision through advocacy and support.
  • To support the members of Bereavement Ontario Network and their goals and activities.


  • To foster networking among the membership throughout the year.
  • To promote public awareness and understanding of bereavement issues.
  • To establish a provincial clearing-house for grief and bereavement information with a mandate of training and research.
  • To facilitate the development of educational materials.
  • To support and initiate regional events which promote networking in the bereavement community and promote networking opportunities within the regions.
  • To promote membership and attendance at the annual conference.


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